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My patch of green
within me,
which enriches,
which withers
My hope…

My stream of water
within me,
which flows out
when I smile,
when I cry…

That whiff of breeze
within me,
that shudders on my lips,
when I am in bliss,
when I am in pain…

My entire world
present within me,
that adds colours
when I am in distress,
when I am boisterous…

I am the entire world,
the universe,
I am the happiness
and I am my stress…


– Mithali Prasanna Rai

2 Responses

  1. Hema says:

    Wonderful expression and introspection!

  2. Jayashree b kadri says:

    Nice poem Mithali Madam. Reminded me of Maya Angelou’s poems.

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