History repeats..

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I did not like when she ignored meWhen she did not talk to meWhen she left me on my ownTo succumb to confusions. What could be the reasonI struggled to figure outBut always failedSuccumbing...


Save Tigers before they are silenced forever  

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A scampering is heard. An animal is running through the woods. People are chasing it. A gun is fired. The bullet hits it mark. The people rejoice as the birds fall silent in mourning....


Paying  Homage to UR Ananta Murthy

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      Recently I had been teaching Sons and Lovers, the most admirable   novel by D.H. Lawrence and I cannot but draw parallel between some of the insights of Lawrence and UR Anantamurthy....


Is Half the Glass Really Empty??

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Recently, when I was introducing a website with which I have done a bit of work to a senior and quite popular person (in some field of literature), after checking it for five minutes,...


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