My Experience As A ‘Scribe’

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I am a student. I am studying in 9th standard at MSC High School, Kasaragod District, Kerala. Here, I would like to share my experience of writing the SSLC exam when I am still studying in 9th standard.

One day, when it was time of interval, I and my friend went to the staff room to show the homework to our Social Science teacher. When we were leaving from there, we were stopped by the Sir. He said, “Abhilash, wait a minute”. I was curious at that time. Sir continued speaking to me. “There is an underprivileged boy, studying in the 10th standard, I think you know him. He has a problem. He cannot write the SSLC exam this year because his IQ level is low. So, you should help him”. I was amazed by Sir’s words.

I replied “Sir, how can I….?”.

He said “You need not worry about it. All you have to do is writing the exam instead of him”. I was surprised. Sir continued-“The rule is that he has to tell the answers and you have to write them. But in this case, he may not be able to tell the answers because his IQ level is low. Anyhow, I hope you can help this guy!”. I was shocked because my annual exams were near and if I go for this, how can I write my exam properly. But, I didn’t think that all these anxieties would be destroyed at the time of writing the exam. Finally Sir said these words-“This will help you when you to write your SSLC exam next year”. He also advised me with many factors which are needed to attend SSLC examination, which helped me a lot.

Our Headmaster contacted my father to inform about this matter. Father told me as, “In this case you have to think about humanity. If you write this, it will be a great help to that boy and he may have a good future”.

In the school, all my teachers were saying that this will help me in my SSLC exam. My parents and teachers encouraged me and supported me. Finally, I took the decision to write the SSLC exam.

The days were near and I was reading both my subjects and going through SSLC books, just to make sure that I can understand what he is meaning to write. The exam started. 1st exam was Kannada. I and he were sitting with dark anxieties and curiosities. The teacher for supervision arrived at the classroom.  Looking at us  he asked – ” Scribe ..huh..?”. We replied- ” Yes Sir”. Pointing towards the adjacent room, he said-” Go to that room”. We scribes had to sit in a separate room and write the exams. The question paper seemed a bit easy. I  started writing. I wrote all exams with ease. All exams were finished. I had good hope in most of the exams. The final day, he gave me two big chocolates and said- “Thank you so much” with great joy. I had tears out of delight.

I am glad to know that he has passed the SSLC examination with reasonably good score 🙂  All of us, our  parents and the teachers are very happy. This is an incredible moment for me.

 – Abhilash Sharma. M, Kasargod

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  1. Hema says:

    This is really a noble gesture from you, your parents and teachers as well. Now a days most of the students are busy chasing their own scores in exams and normally none has time to help underprivileged students. Wonderful, you did it very gracefully!

    Congratulations, Abhilash Sharma.

  2. Krishnaveni Kidoor says:

    sharmaji ,verygood .iam proud of you.

  3. jayashree says:

    very good nice message also.

  4. Shruthi Sharma says:

    Very Good Work!

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